On-the-fly image resizing, cropping and hosting with a REST API

Don't waste time writing code for cropping/resizing, handling image assets and hazzling with image processing libraries. We take care of it so you can focus on the more exciting, rocket-sciency parts of your app.

What does Resizor do?

  • On-the-fly image resizing to any size and format with automatic cropping.
  • Optimized for fast delivery of images through Amazon's CDN.

Coming soon..

  • Hosting of the original image and it's different versions.
  • Embeddable, manual cropping and rotating tool.

How it works

Your app uploads an image to Resizor that returns a unique identifier for that image. You save the identifier as a reference for that image.

Whenever you want to display a resized or cropped version of the image you request the image from us with a URL containing the identifier and a string specifying the size. Resizor processes the image, saves it and returns the new versions of the image.

There is a ruby gem to help you integrate Resizor into your Ruby on Rails projects. Checkout the documentation for more info on how to use Resizor's API.

Who's behind it?

Resizor is being developed by Oktavilla. It is an extraction of the image processing we've built for PortfolioDeck and our publishing tool.

Interested in using Resizor?

The service is currently under development and is only available via invite.
Use the following form and we'll drop you an e-mail when there is an invite ready for you.